Saturday, October 10, 2015

Work Flow

So as I sit at work on third shift to write this I wonder why "what is wrong of one is ok for another" my point it getting yelled at to not to leave my hall when all three of the nurses are outside and that's not allowed for us aids to do but it is ok for them to do it,I really don't get that and don't want to just wanted to rant a little thanks for listening lol!!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Seems Like Forever Ago.......

So seems like forever ago that I posted a blog and so much has went down in my life in this over a year or more lol. I got my GED september of last year one of my goals down! Then I got my CNA license awesome me right! Lost a bitch of a friend who says I was a user when she used me and my family more than we ever thought to use her but thats beside the point, in the end made better friends that we go to church with because through it all we have been going back to church! I have a job interview on monday for a nursing home job again already done that and went to a home health aid job because I have my license in that also but all in all its been a pretty good year my sister had another little boy in december and thats how we lost the bitch that said she was our friend slowly but surely we are getting on our own to feet just wish it was quicker on us blah anyways thats all for now!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Wow been a whole year or more?!?!?

So I Guess That's Not A Good Thing I've Been Busy To Say The Least With My Three Little Boys Work And Trying To Keep Up With Something I Feel No One Sees So I'm Writing To Be Writing Because Me And My Hubby Desided Tonight To Quit Smoking Together So We Can Save Money Because We Are Not Rich And Need Money For Other Thing's Like Bills We Are Buying A Trailor On Contract So 300 Bucks Is 300 Bucks More For Stuff We Need! I've Switched Jobs And So Has The Hubby He Is Now A House Manager And I Work At Bdubs In The Kitchen. Everything Is Going SOOO Fast That Its Hard To Keep Up Sometimes And Its All Apart Of This Thing Called Life I Guess So This Blog Will Be My Go To For Family Life,Loosing Weight And Quitting Smoking Yay Me To Much Going On! Oh And My Oldest Boy Is Now In Kindergarden Yay Baby Boy More Later Prob About How Hard It Is To Not Be A Smoker And Dont Wanna Gain By Eating So It Will Be A Test Thats Forsure!!!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Well Two More Months Have Passed....................

Well October and November have came and went since I last wrote a blog here lately I have not had the time nor the energy to do so tonight I thought I would do a little update.Still living with my parents til after christmas so the boys have a good one still working and also working on my third time for the math part of my GED but Im hoping third time is a charm we will sure see will have to try and update when I know but going the 19th to take it again boys are all doing good and so am I for now have not weighed in, in months but Im sure Ive lost lots  because I dont fit into half my pants anymore witch I find to be a good thing do alot of walking at the high school Im working at now through the same place just a different school well gonna hit the hay will try to keep on top of this blog but not sure when or how many months might pass before I do O and I turned a year older in November was just another day like any other is all I have to say and now Im 24 when people ask I still try to say 23 lol well night night all the bloggers out there!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Been awhile!

Well have not posted since July alot has went down we moved from our house into my mom and dads house to save money to get out on our own again! All three boys are in preschool now and there mommy went back to work I work as a janitor at the school system in columbus its a good drive but I do it everyday and have time with my boys on the weekends now Im so dreading going back to work tomorrow I kinda miss being home with them but atleast I have there first's over with! today my dad cut the twins hair will have to post a picture they look more alike now then they did before this.Im kinda rambling been awhile since I wrote a blog out lol forgot how to, I go to take my GED test on the 10th and 11th of Oct Im kinda scared about it but hope to pass it I took the two days off if I dont get it I may never my boss is already mad because I asked for it off a month in advance that should be enough time to get someone in there to work for me right but both bosses got pissy with me when I told them owell its for me and then maybe I can find another job someplace else I dont need all the stress of someone being pissed at me because I need a couple nights off for something to better myself not like I was quitting or anything like that!Here is the pic and will try to update sooner than this!

Friday, July 8, 2011

I'm so bored.......

That I'm post from my cell phone gotta love my BB it does just about everything I can think of have never tried to blog before with my cell and its totally different doing it this was prob be often because its weird lol anyways I just wanted to try it out I've been good still trying to get my life in order and have to start school again on the 19th again even get two weeks off witch sucks big time barely got  any time out!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Um been awhile...............................

So here's an update alot has been goin on the brother in law i said was moving in has done moved out after living off us for 2 months and not helping one damn bit so needless to say my hubby says he never want to talk to him again he quit his job my hubby got him at the same place he works himself makes my hubby look bad.My babys are turning 3 in 11days cant beleave it time flys way to fast they will hopefully be entering preschool come this fall with there older brother so mommy will have to find something to do with her time when they are all away like maybe cleaning all the time lol!Took them to see the fireworks tonight they sucked witch I figured they would but  they had a good time.O and my sister in law found out what she was having and keep rubbing it in my face because she is having something my dad has not had with 7 grandsons so u all prob now what that is and Im not happy about it but what can I do about it my dad is kinda upset to he wanted another grandson he says he dont want any granddaughters lol owell it will be major spoiled once he see her I guess Im not looking forward to it and prob wont go see in hospital thats just me I dont have to be happy she is an in law not daughter and she calls it there mistake because they was not trying there oldest just turned one in feb so anyways enough about it!Not sure if I covered everything but gonna get off here and get some sleep tired as all get out!